A' La Carte

Warm bread with olive oil & balsamic     10

Manchego (Spanish Sheep’s Milk Cheese)     10

Fresh, Creamy Goat Cheese     10

Herbed Boursin Cheese 10

Baked Brie Cheese     10

Italian Dry Salami     10

Uncured Pastrami with Honey Dill Mustard     10

Smoked Salmon     10

Artichoke Dip     10

Hummus     8

Baked Olives     8

Slightly Toasted House Herbed mix of nuts     8

Caprese Salad - Fresh basil, marinated mozzarella balls.
and cherry tomatoes with our signature balsamic drizzle.     10

Cesar Salad     10
(Add Smoked Salmon     5)


Chocolate Cake served with vanilla ice cream, and Pinot Noir chocolate Sauce
(By Branson's Chocolates)     10

NEW French vanilla ice cream, with fresh berries, homemade whipped cream,
and Stroop Wafles     10

Affogato     8

Root Beer  8


Tea or Coffee, Flavored Sparkling Water, Root Beer     4

Beer (Local)     6

New Blooming Tea Service! Ask Your Server!