1122 Suncrest Road

Talent, OR. 97540


12pm to 6pm





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On the Menu

   A La Carte | $6 each

   Served with gluten free crackers & grapes

•Warm Bread Loaf                   •Fresh Seasonal Veggies               •Old Vine Smoked Salmon

•Gorgonzola                             •Cherry Peppers                             •Prosciutto     

•Manchego                               •Artichoke Hearts                           •Italian Dried Salami

•Brie                                          •Banana Peppers .                         •Raw Almonds          

•Featured Cheese                    •Pickled Asparagus                        •Dried Apricots          

•Hummus                                 •Olives


       Vegan Platter | $22

Hummus, Fresh Seasonal Veggies, Artichoke Hearts, Cherry Peppers, Pickled Asparagus,                                   Olives, Raw Almonds, Gluten Free Crackers, & Grapes


      Cheese Platter | $24

        Brie, Gorgonzola, & Manchego Cheeses with Raw Almonds, Dried Apricots, Honey,                                 Cherry Peppers, Fresh Fruit, Gluten Free Crackers, & Grapes

        Charcuterie Platter | $26

       Italian Dried Salami, Prosciutto, & Old Vine Smoked Salmon with Banana Peppers, 

                   Pickled Asparagus, Olives, Peppers, Gluten Free Crackers, & Grapes

     Supreme Platter | $36

          Warm Bread Loaf, Old Vine Smoked Salmon, Prosciutto, Salami, Brie, Manchego,                                      Gorgonzola, Fresh Seasonal Veggies, & so much more!


    Additional Side of Crackers | $2



     Desserts $7

 Decadent Chocolate Tuxedo Cake 

        Seasonal Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Root Beer Float 

Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Berries & Drunken Berry Sauce | $5



 Soda | $4           Beer | $6            Tea | $4            Coffee | $4